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Festival Sayulita 2016

This year’s Festival Sayulita included films, music, drinks and surfing.

  1. A view of the concert signs during the festival.

  2. A sign welcoming beachgoers to the festival.

  3. A film on the beach about female big wave surfers.

  4. Film goers watching one of the animated shorts from Instituto Mexicano De Cinematografía

  5. A panel answering questions about their film.

  6. A b-boy entertaining a crowd in the plaza.

  7. Another b-boy entertaining a crowd in the plaza.

  8. Lanterns light up a tree in the concert VIP area.

  9. Golden Ganga on stage playing for the crowd.

  10. Golden Ganga getting the crowd clapping along.

  11. Golden Ganga feeling it.

  12. Concert attendees sitting in the grass during one of the bands.

  13. The crowd watching the Butcherettes on stage.

  14. Les Butcherettes wrapping up their last song for the night.

  15. ‘Festival Sayulita’ lighting up the VIP rooftop.

  16. Kinky lit up in the fog.

  17. Kinky under the purple and blue lights.

  18. The crowd lighted up from above during Kinky.

  19. The drummer of Kinky surrounded by lights and fog.

  20. The lights flash blindingly bright as concert goers watch Kinky play.

  21. The afterparty at Estela Rooftop Bar going strong on Saturday night.