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More than just ‘Love Beach’

On May 9th, the Marietas Islands will close the popular ‘Love Beach’ for a environmental restoration project. In the past months a growing numbers of tourists have led to increased damage to the area. While the most popular of beaches will be closed, the islands will continue to offer a landscape of wildlife and beauty to tourists and locals alike.

  1. A lion’s face protrudes from this giant rock outcropping.

  2. A seagull perches on one of the many large volcanic rocks which are scattered throughout the islands.

  3. Exploring another cave where the view of the ocean is framed perfectly.

  4. An overcast day and another sea cave off in the distance.

  5. Looking out to sea while exploring one of the many beaches.

  6. Blue footed boobies sitting atop a cliffside.

  7. One of the many beautiful sea caves in the islands.

  8. One of the many rocky islands to explore.

  9. A heron blends into the rocks hunting for food.

  10. A boat enters a hidden cove on one of the many islands.

  11. Some of the small boats that carry people out to Las Marietas moored in Punta de Mita.